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Cockburn Port, 1960


This 1960 Cockburn Port is quite a full-bodied, rich, alcoholic, spirited vintage port that offers meaty, chocolatey, spicy, full-bodied, alcoholic flavours. "A light tawny colour, almost a medium rose, with very slow legs. The nose smelt of marzipan, rosewater and aniseed. A medium bodied taste of ripe dates with a dash of spirit and a fantail finish lasting a good while. This grand port was alive and delivering pleasure. Thank you Cockburn's for the treat. 89/100 (Nicos Neocleous, UK)" UK Wine Forum.

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Corvo, 1960


Corvo, a classic Sicilian wine, is produced from Sicilian vines cultivated on warm, sunny hills. Aged in oak barrels it is distinguished by its round, full-bodied and persistent flavour. Together with Corvo Bianco, Corvo Rosso was the first wine to be bottled in Sicily, back in 1824, and is now the best known red wine in Italy thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio and consistent quality. Extremely versatile, it goes well with grilled and roast meats and medium-aged cheeses.

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Croft Port, 1960

Vintage Port

"Bright tawny with orange flecks, there are whacks of dried fruit and sultanas on the nose, with hints of bitter chocolate and Christmas pudding. The palate is sweet but balanced with a lovely acidity. A fascinating multilayered wine, with the oxidization bringing out maple syrup flavours, coupled with leather and cigar box aromas wrapped around rich dried fruit. Complex, captivating and holding up beautifully." Decanter, Fine Wine Encounter 2009.

The 1960 has a light russet core with deep tawny rim. A lovely soft, mulberry infused nose with a touch of sloes and coca that could do with a tad more delineation.

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Dow's Port, 1960

Vintage Port

This is an extraordinary house that seems to have been particularly successful with its vintage port. The 1960 is a classic, a monumental, rich, still tannic wine

"Superbly balanced and at its peak. Light ruby with a garnet edge, a rich coffee and chocolate nose, medium-bodied, with lovely balanced fruit and coffee flavours and a long, silky finish. A joy to drink." James Suckling - Vintage Port Book

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Fonseca Port, 1960

Vintage Port (Unlabelled)

The 1960 Fonseca has settled into the most glorious of old Vintage Ports. After more than 50 years bottle-ageing, these wines have a superb combination of lovely mature fruit combined with the elegance that only this length of time in bottle can give.

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Graham's Port, 1960

Vintage Port (unlabelled damaged embossed capsule)

"Now fully mature with a lovely translucence. Ethereal, delicate bouquet becoming rich and tangy. Still very sweet with a good length and aftertaste. High alcohol content and an exquisite crystallised violet end flavour. Score: 4 Stars" - Michael Broadbent

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Martinez Vintage Port, 1960

Vintage Port

Martinez has produced a port with power, dimension and real character.

Almost Tawny colored. Blackberry, Black currant (cassis), Cherry, Plum, and Toast. Smooth texture. Long finish. Surprisingly excellent 50yr VP. 93 pts Cellar Tracker.

Lovely ruby red color with yellow center; strawberry, raspberry nose; surprisingly light bodied, strawberry, raspberry, creamy palate; medium-plus finish Rjonwine.com

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Messias Port, 1960

Quinta Cachao Vintage Port

A very rare bottle of Vintage Port from the good 1960 Vintage - these are the only bottles available in the UK and are a true rarity. Unlike the colheita ports from the same year, this wine has aged in the bottle for nearly 50 years (As opposed to a barrel). It is among the rarest category of ports and is a delight for the port connoisseur.

75 cl
20% ABV

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Offley Vintage Port, 1960

Boa Vista Vintage Port

Quinta Boa Vista (lit Beautiful View Vineyard) hints at the dramatic views enjoyed by one of the most renowned vineyards in the entire Douro valley

Boa Vista is the jewel in the Offley Forrester crown, which is one of the oldest Port Houses (1737) and rose to prominence under Joseph Forrester. He was a legendary figure in the history of port credited with mapping the upper regions of the Douro, only to be drowned in one of its rapids, allegedly weighed down by the weight of gold he had collected from his tenants. Forrester's life was devoted to improving the quality of port and in recognition of his endeavours the King of Portugal made him Baron Forrester.

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Quinta do Noval Port, 1960

Vintage Port (Unlabelled-Embossed capsules)

Medium dark red towards garnet, with plum, ripe berry, chocolate and tar aromas and flavors, this medium-bodied Port is now showing very nicely in its maturity. Moderate and very soft tannins, with sweet tobacco and cherry flavors on the finish.

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